How to use OpenNag ?


Reminder: Beware the V1 is not supported by OpenNag! 

Also: To send a message to a friend nabz-it must be registred to OpenNag, you do not have to be yourself :-) simply create an account on this site (see Part 2 of this page)

OpenNag to use, you must:

1) Connect your Nabaztag / tag OpenNag server by following the "connect my rabbit", the link is in the left area of ​​the site.

2) Register on this site.

Now that your rabbit "breathes" on OpenNag, you must create an account and fill in some information to take advantage of features offered by the server.

To create an account, click on the link "Registration" in the left area in the field "Login". Fill in the form and submit, a confirmation email will be sent promptly you, you must click the link in it to activate your account.

Once this is done, you can log in to your account to send messages to other rabbits (or your rabbit) by clicking on one of the 4 links whose name starts with "interface" (see details for the use depending on the type of message sent).

You can also parameterize your rabbit (MAC, name of the rabbit, moods, hours slept / lifted nabcasts and others), so click on "My Profile Nabz" (link in the left area of the site) - At the bottom of page , aim the link "Edit" then click the gray "Edit my Profile" and then "my Settings" on this page is that the names of rabbits and their MAC addresses must be entered as well as options recording moods, nabcasts etc ...

Attention! if you need to communicate with other rabbits, they will need the name of your rabbit, so avoid mixing upper and lower case or complex signs in the name, in case of input error on the part of your sender, Of course the message was not delivered!)

Of course you can go back to your account to change your choice, your settings and even your MAC or the name of your rabbit will!

Those without rabbit can leave the fields empty of information, they are not mandatory :-)

Here is a list of what you can do with Opennag and its interfaces:


Send a recorded message to a OpenNag Nabz-friend

Once the interface, select the tab to send the message, then enter the name of your friend nabz-in the input field and click send. Careful to enter the name of your nabz-friend


Send a personalized message that you have deposited in the account shared OpenNag:

First, you need to create a message in MP3 format (128Kbps and maximum 2MB).

Then place it on the shared account to OpenNag: On , click on the top right of "connection". In the Email field, enter " Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. " in the Password field, enter "opennag" and select "serveur4" before clicking "connect". Submit your MP3 into the folder "My Files "-->" personal messages" (especially not in another folder!), This phase is complete.

Once the interface, enter the name of your MP3 file in the first field, then enter the name of your friend-nabz in the second input field and click send. Careful to enter the name of the MP3 and your nabz-friend

Important information: The message you have placed on the shared account will be visible / audible to everyone who has access to your site (therefore nabaznaute) and can be reused by other than you to use so if you do it in a spirit of sharing:-D


Send a private message:

To send a confidential message,

First, you must have the address of a file in MP3 format (128Kbps up to broadcast) on the Internet. Another extension that will not play MP3!

For example: (this link is not valid, it is just for demonstration).

Once the interface, enter the full address in the first field, then enter the name of your friend-nabz in the second input field and click send. Careful to enter the name of the MP3 and your nabz-friend


Set the time of sunset and sunrise rabbit:

Once identified and logged into your account, go to "My Profile Nabz" (link in the left area of ​​the site) - click "edit" then "Update your profile", then enter the hours of sunset and sunrise your rabbit, press the button "update" and voila!

Subscribe to one (or more) nabcast (s) or moods:

Follow the steps above to get the configuration page and check the boxes that you want to be Nabcast subscribers.

The Nabcast are created by nabaznautes they are broadcast 2 to 3 times / day.

The moods are, following the period, or created by nabaznautes, or those the good old days of "Violet", they are distributed randomly about every 30 minutes.